Arvados 2.3.3 Release Notes

March 10, 2022

The Arvados team is pleased to announce Arvados 2.3.3. This is primarily a bug fix release. We recommend that new and existing installations of 2.3.2 or earlier upgrade to 2.3.3. See Upgrading Arvados for upgrade instructions.

New Features


New option arvados-cwl-runner --match-submitter-images, when submitting a workflow, ensure that the Docker images that will be used in the workflow run match those of local Docker instance where the workflow is being submitted.


In Workbench 2, when selecting property keys and values, the selection list only displays preferred terms. When autocomplete presents completion options, it also displays the preferred name with the matching alias in parenthesis.


Now supports using amazon-ebs-autoscale to provide dynamically scaled disk space to compute instances on AWS.


Workbench 2 now renders the user name or project name anywhere “owner_uuid” appears.

Bug Fixes

#18785 #18791

The installer now supports single host/single hostname configurations using Let’s Encrypt or custom certificates.


Improved documentation on maintenance and upgrades on clusters set up with the Salt installer.


Requesting an ApiClientAuthorization object with select=["uuid"] no longer returns a 422 error.


Fixes several bugs in --read-write mode of arv-mount keep mount that resulted in I/O errors, stale file contents being returned, or conflict files being created incorrectly.


When using “secret mounts” (as used by the cwltool:Secrets extension) on top of a Keep-backed output directory, the secret files are no longer leaked into the output collection.


Fixed a bug in arvados-cwl-runner where, if workflow input contained two directories with the same “basename” but different paths, one of the directories would not be uploaded, resulting in an error.


When invoking arvados-cwl-runner with input parameters supplied as command line arguments (as opposed to using an input yaml file), it will now correctly accept keep: references to Files.


If two or more concurrent requests present the same OIDC token, and that token has not already been cached as an Arvados token in the database, Arvados will no longer fail due to the unique constraint on the api_token column.


When uploading files to an existing collection in Workbench 2, the modified at, portable data hash and size fields are now correctly updated.


Opening the “advanced” dialog will no longer result in an error in certain circumstances.


When changing project in Workbench 2, the “filter” text box is reset.


In Workbench 1, deleting an SSH key will no longer result in an error page.


When referring to input files located on an arv-mount directory, arvados-cwl-runner will correctly detect and use the Keep portable data hash and no longer crash with “NameError: name ‘file’ is not defined”.