Arvados 1.4.1 Release Notes

September 21, 2019

The Arvados team is pleased to announce Arvados v1.4.1 which includes a few high priority bug fixes. The most important fix is for a container reuse bug (#15499) which prevented the reuse of containers created using v1.4.0. Reuse of containers created by earlier versions of Arvados still worked. Since this is one of the key benefits/features of Arvados, we wanted to release it right away and not wait for v1.5.

Full list of bug fixes:

  • Container reuse fix (#15499)
  • Performance fix for Workbench with large database (#15583)
  • Group assignments didn’t work on admin user page (#15496)
  • crunchstat-summary performance analysis tool didn’t work with v1.4.x workflow runs (#15486, #15554)
  • Invalid date formats caused problems when authenticating to certain non-AWS S3-compatible storage services (#15605)

Please review the release notes before upgrading. For Arvados v1.4.1, the Centos7 Python dependency has been updated from rh-python35 to rh-python36.