Arvados 2.2.2 Release Notes

August 31, 2021

The Arvados team is pleased to announce Arvados 2.2.2. This release is primarily a bug fix release. We recommend that new and existing installations of 2.2.1 or earlier upgrade to 2.2.2. See Upgrading Arvados for upgrade instructions.

New Features


In Workbench 2, when displaying the version history of a collection, the list now includes the name of the user responsible for each version.


Outgoing new user notification emails sent by Arvados can now have a BCC added to them.


The “Open as Network Folder or S3 Bucket” menu option has been renamed “Access with 3rd party client” and given some additional detail.

Workbench 2 Bug fixes


In Workbench 2, clicking on the search bar will now consistently open the “Recent searches / Saved searches” drop down.

#17690 #17691

On Workbench 2, in the user menu for managing ssh keys associated with the current user account, admins no longer see SSH public keys that belong to other users. The validation for “Add new SSH key” no longer requires a comment after the actual key.


Workbench 2 now reports file sizes rounded off to powers of 2 (KiB=210, MiB=220) instead of powers of 10 (KB=103, MB=106) for consistency with other file management tools such as Windows Explorer, ls, etc.

#17951 #17952

The pages for the “Compute Nodes” and “Keep disks” tables (which are obsolete and no longer used) have been removed from both Workbench 1 and Workbench 2.


If the keep-web configuration does not allow serving inline content (content that will be displayed directly in the browser) securely, Workbench 2 will no longer display the “Open in new tab” menu item for files in a collection. Files can still be downloaded.

Other Bug fixes


A long-standing bug in arv-mount --read-write leading to deadlocks has been fixed. Writable arv-mount is now significantly more stable.


The lib/pq Go module has been upgraded, this addresses the “write: broken pipe” error sometimes seen when an idle Postgres database connection has been terminated by the network infrastructure.


Fixed a race condition when multiple requests are made at once using the same federated token which needed to be validated with the remote cluster, which would sometimes result in a 502 error for some of the requests.


The arvados-cwl-runner --project-uuids option once again accepts user UUIDs to create workflows in the user’s home project.


The arvados-cwl-runner package also ensures that cwltool is in PATH.


The arvados-login-sync program for maintaining user accounts on shell nodes has been updated to use slightly different user management commands that are compatible across both Debian, Ubuntu CentOS 7.


Added --batch mode to arv-put which recovers from resume cache errors by deleting the cache and starting over. Tools which call arv-put internally such as arv-keepdocker and arvados-cwl-runner now use --batch mode.


Fixed bug when updating “replication_confirmed” on Collections with versioning enabled.


On CentOS 7, the Arvados 2.2.0 release changed the Python package prefix from rh-python36- (SCL) to python3-, reflecting the official CentOS packaging of Python 3. As of the Arvados 2.2.2 release, the python3- packages will now conflict with and force an upgrade from the old rh-python36- (SCL) ones.


Documentation explaining the requirements for DNS entries and TLS certificates has been improved.


The “addressable” Ruby gem has been upgraded in response to CVE-2021-32740.