Arvados 2.3.2 Release Notes

December 9, 2021

The Arvados team is pleased to announce Arvados 2.3.2. This is primarily a bug fix release. We recommend that new and existing installations of 2.3.1 or earlier upgrade to 2.3.2. See Upgrading Arvados for upgrade instructions.

Bug Fixes


Materialized permission table updates no longer update rows where nothing has changed. This should improve performance of large permission updates, and reduce table space bloat.


Fixes a bug introduced in 2.3.1 where controller processes attempting to acquire the advisory lock to perform a trash sweep operation would cause a transaction to stay open indefinitely, with the side effect of preventing database vacuum from reclaiming table space.


When keepstore reads the contents of a directory containing keep blocks to return a block index, it now reads the entire contents at once to migitate long-running operations possibly failing with NFS error EBADCOOKIE.


Keep-balance now avoids redundant indexing when multiple keepstore servers use a single NFS mount.


Fix crash in Workbench 2 when attempting to launch workflows with array inputs.


The Workbench 2 panel for displaying collections no longer retrieves the unneeded parts of the collection record.


Fixed Workbench 2 bug where the “info” button did not open the right side panel as intended.


When uploading files through Workbench 2, it is now possible to click the “cancel” button to cancel the upload.


Arv-put will no longer try to upload special files (such as named pipes).


Improved documentation explaining the Services config section and the how to correctly set InternalURLs and ExternalURL.


The arvados-java-sdk package (published to Sonatype OSSRH) has been updated to support “tail_uuid” on Link objects. Starting with this release, the version number of the arvados-java-sdk will be synchronized with main Arvados releases.


The jwt-go package has been updated to address CVE-2020-26160.