Arvados 2.4.1 Release Notes

June 2, 2022

The Arvados team is pleased to announce Arvados 2.4.1. This release includes a number of new features, usability improvements, and bug fixes. We recommend that new and existing installations of 2.4.0 or earlier upgrade to 2.4.1. See Upgrading Arvados for upgrade instructions.

New Features

Filtering intermediate output collections from display


Output collections from workflow steps now have the property “type: intermediate” and can be hidden in the project listing in Workbench 2.

Setting properties on final output collection


You can now specify properties to be set on the final output collection of a workflow using arv:OutputCollectionProperties.

Creating “sharing” URLs to collections


In Workbench 2, the “Sharing” dialog for Collections now has a new tab for “Sharing URLs”. These are links which can be shared to grant access to the contents of an individual collection without the recipient having to log in.

Copying workflow dependencies into a single project


When using arvados-cwl-runner --create-workflow or --update-workflow all workflow dependencies (reference data, Docker images) will be copied into the target project, for easy sharing of the entire workflow.

Workflows definitions now appear in Workbench 2 project listing


Workflow definitions (workflows which have been registered so that they are runnable from Workbench) now appear in the Workbench 2 project listing.

Workbench 2 display of workflow details improved, workflow errors and warnings now displayed

#16068, #17301, #18881

When viewing a running workflow, the details panel has been reworked to include the most useful set of fields. The runtime status (the most prominent warnings and errors from a workflow run) is also now included. When a container gets exit code 137 (killed), a runtime error suggests the most common cause (out-of-memory error).

Support for compute node local keepstore on HPC


If local keepstore is enabled in config (LocalKeepBlobBuffersPerVCPU > 0) and /etc/arvados/config.yml is readable by crunch-run, it will start a local keepstore process for faster access to storage.

Support for Singularity with container shell


The arvados-client shell feature (which provides a shell session inside running containers) can now be used with the singularity runtime and when using arvados-dispatch-cloud.

Bug Fixes

#18614, #18888, #18994, #19109

Several arvados-cwl-runner bugs were fixed. These include: correctly handle files with a colon ‘:’ in the name; correctly handle directory default values with a trailing slash; materializing files with the correct name when the ‘basename’ is changed; correctly finding secondary files when the parameter is optional; and correctly interpreting secondary file expressions as returning a full filename instead of an extension. {: .ticketdesc}


The Workbench 2 “Owner” column in Advanced Search and a few other places now correctly shows the owner.


When uploading a file to a collection in Workbench 2, it will now be uploaded to the currently selected directory of the collection.


The Workbench 2 “All processes” panel no longer continuously flickers between a “loading” message and table contents continuously when refreshing.


The Workbench 1 dashboard will now load faster when the current/recently run list includes complex workflows.


Workbench 1 “copy collection” command no longer fails with “ArvadosModel::PermissionDeniedError: storage_classes_confirmed and storage_classes_confirmed_at attributes cannot be changed”.


Both Workbench 1 and 2 will no longer attempt to re-use the top-level workflow runner (does not affect work reuse decisions for workflow steps).