Arvados 2.4.4 Release Notes

November 18, 2022

The Arvados team is pleased to announce Arvados 2.4.4. This is a minor release consisting only of improvements to arvados-cwl-runner. Sites running Arvados 2.4.3 can remain using 2.4.3 for core services, and need only upgrade arvados-cwl-runner to 2.4.4 on clients where you submit workflows to benefit from these improvements.



Using arvados-cwl-runner no longer fails with “identifier field must be a string” error when a workflow has an input parameter called name which has a type which is not a string.


Workflows which have been registered using arvados-cwl-runner --create-workflow and are executed at the command line by providing the workflow UUID now launch much faster. Workflow and container request records are now also much smaller, which should result in quicker page loads in Workbench.


Several options have been added to arvados-cwl-runner to control the behavior of downloading HTTP URLs in the location field of File inputs.

--defer-download will perform the download after the workflow is submitted (in the runner process on the compute node).

--varying-url-params will ignore the listed URL query parameters from any HTTP URLs when checking if a URL has already been downloaded to Keep.

--prefer-cached-downloads will search Keep for a copy of the HTTP URL’s content and use that if found before downloading the resource. This means changes in the upstream resource won’t be detected, but it also means the workflow will not fail if the upstream resource becomes inaccessible.


Validation warnings (such as unrecognized CWL hints associated with other workflow runners) no longer trigger a runtime status of “Warning”.